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    Pixel Central Rules


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    Pixel Central Rules

    Post by Sonikku1011 on Tue May 31, 2016 12:18 pm

    Welcome one and all to Pixel Central! We want the best experience for all of our forum members, and to ensure that we have a nice, friendly community we have enforced some rules that all of our members must follow. Please remember that if you see someone break any of these rules, please report their posts by clicking on the "report" button next to their post. Also please remember that these rules may change at any moment in time, so keep an eye out on this topic for any updates.

    1. Please treat others the way you wish to be treated. We want everyone to feel welcome here at PC, if you see anyone out of line please report their posts and a member of staff will deal with them accordingly. If you continue to break this rule, you may end up being suspended for a certain period of time.

    2. Please do not steal other people's sprites, music, etc. We don't deal with theft kindly, anyone caught breaking this rule will be perma-banned for good. If you do have permission from another member to use their assets, please send us proof.

    3. Please don't post links to illegal material such as ROMs, ISOs, cracked software, warez, etc. Anyone caught posting this sort of material here will be perma-banned for good. Emulators are okay to share, that is if another member is needing help and needs a debugging tool to help them.

    4. Please don't backseat moderate. We currently don't need any staff at this moment in time, but when we will need some new staff members, a topic will be created. Also asking to be staff will decrease your chances of being part of the staff team, so please don't do so.

    5. Please don't give out personal information to anyone on the board. This includes your address, name, etc. We want everyone to be safe here. Because of this, we don't allow selling and trading here. In the future, this may change.

    Remember that these rules can change at any moment in time. Welcome to PC, hope you enjoy your stay!

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