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    [SMS] Sonic Blast Split Disassembly


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    [SMS] Sonic Blast Split Disassembly

    Post by Sonikku1011 on Tue Jun 07, 2016 4:13 pm

    So currently the biggest project I'm working on now is a split disassembly of Sonic Blast, the Sega Master System version, which is definitely the worse version of the game. (The game itself really isn't that great to begin with on the Game Gear either...) Why exactly am I working on this? You may be thinking that it's a bit odd to be working on a disassembly of a Sonic game that isn't liked by many fans. But with a split disassembly, we the fans can make the game good. Smile I've been working on documenting the ROM contents as I work on the disassembly. I'll be making updates and such in this topic. So far, I've got all of Knuckles and Sonic's sprites ripped from the game and put in a separate folder, which will make it easy to edit the sprites. Some music has been ripped from the ROM too, and added to a separate folder. Some data files that contain code has been split and put into the main source file. Many things still need to be commented, I've only been working on this for almost a week now. Palettes still need to be located, so you can't edit any sprites otherwise they show up incorrectly in the game. Anyways keep an eye out on this topic if you're interested. Smile

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