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    Nintendo Entertainment System


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    Nintendo Entertainment System

    Post by Sonikku1011 on Tue May 31, 2016 1:12 pm

    So let's talk about the console that brought video games back from the infamous video game crash of the 80's. I had one for a tiny bit back in 2004, I ended up giving it to a friend because his dad thought he could fix it. I got a Model 1 HDG Genesis in return. His dad couldn't fix it... I wish I had one now. I have a Retron 5, so I can play NES games but I know it's not the same. :\ I had some pretty awesome games for it, Star Tropics was one and it was fun. Of course I had Super Mario Bros. with Duck Hunt, because no NES is complete without that. Razz My favorite game for the console is probably Mega Man 5 though, I never had a chance to own the original NES games myself though. What are some of your favorite moments? Smile

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