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    Post by FireRat on Tue Jul 05, 2016 3:53 pm

    I think these topics are useful. You know the deal =P

    I were going to do until getting the boss, prison capsule, and score tally in place, but I left it behind in favour to other things, and I am not going to continue it anymore

    Sonic Advance's Egg hammer boss on Sega Genesis.

    Constraints that let you down:
    - no spindash
    - boss appear in left, not right u_u'
    - its speed does not increase, nor the last attack is on place.
    - holding A during startup, game in PAL should play faster (not sure if evidents sloppy speed on true PAL screen)
    Download: mediafire.com download/9b4080dez2vxaj0/advbuilt.bin

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