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    Guidelines for Posting Guides


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    Guidelines for Posting Guides

    Post by Sonikku1011 on Wed Jun 01, 2016 6:54 pm

    So you have a pretty decent guide that may help people and you wish to share it? That's awesome! But please read this before posting your guides. It'll also help you understand what the abbreviations in the topic titles mean too. Razz

    1. If you have a guide you wish to share that isn't your own, please give credit to those who wrote it! Also please ask permission if you can share it elsewhere, otherwise it may be taken down.

    2. Please make sure to add an abbreviation to each of your guides. Look bellow for the abbreviations, this will also help clear up any confusion you may have about the topics.

    3. Please know that we are not responsible for any damages done to your code by these guides. Also please let us know if a guide doesn't work so we can get in contact with the member who posted said guide.

    Here are the abbreviations for each gaming console.

    [SMS]- Sega Master System
    [NES]- Nintendo Entertainment System
    [MD]- Sega Mega Drive (Also known as Genesis in North America)
    [SNES]- Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    [GB]- Nintendo Gameboy
    [GG]- Sega Game Gear
    [MCD]- Sega Mega CD (Also known as Sega CD in North America)
    [N64]- Nintendo 64
    [GBC]- Gameboy Color
    [GBA]- Gameboy Advance
    [DS]- Nintendo DS
    [3DS]- Nintendo 3DS
    If your guide doesn't cover games from the consoles above you may use the [other] tag.

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